I think it’s a lifelong exercise that keeps your mind in shape.
Hello, I'm a common idiot in Guui-dong.Fool-Hyo, who came out after a good hibernation.I was walking down the street, and I saw something incredible.Kickboxing?It's been a long time since I've been living in a riverbed.There's a new diet kickboxing class.Stupid Zhu Jitsu Riverside4833 Acha San-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul Metropolitan GovernmentGuui-dong Fool Jujitsu is located here.a safe […]

Hello, I'm a common idiot in Guui-dong.
Fool-Hyo, who came out after a good hibernation.
I was walking down the street, and I saw something incredible.
It's been a long time since I've been living in a riverbed.
There's a new diet kickboxing class.
Stupid Zhu Jitsu Riverside
4833 Acha San-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul Metropolitan Government
Guui-dong Fool Jujitsu is located here.
a safe exercise area that is disinfected daily
You have hand sanitizer at the door.
If you go in, you'll be able to get jiu jitsu.
There's a big mat on it.
Captain Bluebelt Seokbabo, who trusts and learns Jujitsu,
He's giving me direct guidance.
Jiujitsu of Stone Blue
Welcome to the SeokBlue Jujitsu class, which is an easy and fun way to teach the mainland's jujitsu, which has been studied in Brazil for many years.
Captain Seok says he's also on YouTube.
If you're interested in jujitsu, please go ahead.
The mirror looks on the mat so you can see the posture during kickboxing.
You're in kickboxing class, too.
He's known as a hitting trainer for mixed martial arts players.
You can be coached by Tommy, too.
Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing to the real best coaches.
It was a really cool load to learn everyone.
On one side of the gym, there's a kickboxing 주짓수 machine.
Gloves and stretching tools are available.
And the one with the Kettlebell is An-secret.
There's a timer for exercise.
Proving that you're a fool.
I could see a variety of certificates in the gym.
I thought you added kickboxing to the jujitsu.
I can't even take yoga classes.
It was a multi-gim to enjoy a variety of multigrams.
add kickboxing to jiujitsu
And I can do yoga.
The best fool in Guui-dong.
I'd like to give you an upgrade.
I'll wrap up today's posting.
Rio, Brazil, Famous for Beauty and Surfing
And another famous sport, "Jiu Jitsu."

I feel that more and more people are practicing jiujitsu in Korea.

Our Moana-ru couple has been practicing jiujitsu since 2015.
I'm fascinated by that.
Surfing and jiujitsu to create a healthy body and mind.

Corona's social distancing has been eased little by little.
We've been following quarantine rules, and we've been able to roll in the gym.
It's an episode of Jiu-Jitsu of Moana-Ru's friends.
Let's keep a jiujitsu picture diary together.

I think it's important to control the strength and speed of surfing and jiujitsu.

You care about the other person at the same time.
By building humility and modesty,
I think it's a lifelong exercise that keeps your mind in shape.

Life stylist Moana Roojitsu,
Jiu-Jitsu's life will continue.
Since the first time Jujitsu has been in Korea, a huge variety of brands have been popular and disappeared (Vitamin & Mineral, etc.) and recently, a lot of uniforms have been released to the extent that they can be attached to Reselga.

Now that I'm a 16-year-old student, I'm almost like a collector in my possession.
Then shall we post about our possession of a uniform? This is the Jujitsu uniform review post that I started thinking about! (If it's fun, I'm going to write it step by step.)
Latte should have been Coral, Atama, Keiko, and Keiko, if it's your first review! It's already torn. We're going to the collection box in front of Dongmyo.

As a result
The first review is the coat-nopolis uniform of the British Jiu-Jitsu Brand Program.

The first posting is not about my money, but about the sponsored suit.
I thought I should just do that.
I will post various brands and models as much as possible.
Objectivity because it's written in a very personal way.
If you look at detailed patches and embroidery here and there, it's a design-conscious uniform.
It doesn't mean that the same fabric, same fit, and logo are all changed.
(You can't participate in the jiujitsu game because it's navy color.)

First of all, the uniform with 450 Pearl Weaves feels strong.
Do you have the basics for training?That's what it feels like!

What's unique is that the two fabrics are used and the sewing is heated along the back of the shoulder, so the adherence of the robe is good.

Ubermensi and Grips also made similar cuts, but after wearing all three of them, they're all of them! I don't think it's because of the cold.

Compared to the top that I like almost perfectly, the bottom part is the unfortunate part. Personally, I prefer cotton because it feels stronger, but I'm a little disappointed because it's a lip stop. But it's a bit thick, so I think it's strong for a lip stop.

Maybe it's because I'm skinny, but if I wear it, it's a little baggy. I think it would be perfect for those with strong lower body.

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