It was easy to buy a new used car.
The car my parents used to use is very old this time.I'm so determined to buy my parents' car.I've come to recognize him. At first, I was thinking of buying a new car.I first got to know this used car store through an acquaintance.This is a pretty nice place. if you have a detailed history,Now […]

The car my parents used to use is very old this time.

I'm so determined to buy my parents' car.

I've come to recognize him. At first, I was thinking of buying a new car.

I first got to know this used car store through an acquaintance.

This is a pretty nice place. if you have a detailed history,

Now that we've learned about the power, we've found that the dealer actually uses

We're building a nationwide network of dealers, so a total of 60,000 units.

We had a real sale, and we also had a bubble-free market.

I loved the fact that he was making it public.

Not only that, but also through the import clearance statement.

The store has its own installment plan.

Even if the credit rating isn't that good, it's all on its own.

I loved the fact that it was approved.

But it's my parents' car, so I'm trying to make it happen.

I wanted to buy a safe car.

The dealer explained it in detail, so I could relax.

I did, but according to that, I've got plenty of money.

You said you'd recommend riding a new car for a long time if you could.

If you don't have 88카 that much money, buy a used car.

It's not a bad choice.

If you use the import stock price tag,

If you're in a situation where you can't help but consider used cars,

You said it's good to check a few things.

According to the report, there are no accidents or cars with less than three years of age.

Short mileage or long-distance driving.

Where sufficient manufacturer warranty period and maintenance coupons are left

Also, a used car with a low number of owner changes.

He said it was a condition.

And according to what you've said, we'll provide it ourselves.

You told me to check the performance records of the used car.

You can check your accident records carefully, in addition to your condition.

They say they do. And if you sell a little bit more, it's cheaper than a new car.

They say you can buy a nice car, and you can buy it like this.

In the case of maintenance, we have to think about things like this.

Tell them they have to pay the registration tax first. In the case of a new car, at the price of the car,

It's about 7 percent, but in the case of used cars, the store price and the model year.

So they're offering a discount.

If you put in your own import stock, you'll see that used cars are definitely more.

It's true that you can buy it at a low price, but the accident...

You can't ignore car insurance when you're pregnant.

I thought about it. Of course it depends on the type.

It costs about 700,000 to 800,000 won a year to buy the first car.

In the case, car insurance may be expensive, but there are various

Look carefully at the insurance company's products and make decisions.

He told me he'd recommend you do it.

Also, fuel costs, highway tolls, parking fees, supplies, etc.

The costs that you will incur on a regular or irregular basis.

They say it's good to think about it, especially tea.

It's time to change, but the price is so high that it's old.

For car users, the used car market is like that.

I don't think it's a bad choice, because...

In fact, when I bought it, it was much cheaper than a new car.

Not only could I have bought it at a price,

These days, it has been easy to buy a new used car.

It was because.

Besides, I'm not very well off, but I'm very practical.

Because I was the type who wanted to buy it, I would like to buy the import stock price tag.

I'm glad I bought it through it.

This is not the end of the purchase.

And then I'm going to be careful about what I have to take care of afterwards.

He told me to clean the inside and outside first.

You did. Whether it's a dealer or an individual car,

There's a lot of indoor and outdoor car washings before they sell.

But still, waiting for it to be sold for a long time,

In the case of a standing car, there is a pile of dust.

I heard there's a lot.

So you can slowly get close to the car, stripping off the old dirt.

I heard it's good to have some time.

It's a humid summer season, plus a car wash.

You can get rid of the stale smell for daylight sterilization.

But a new car means more than just cleaning a car.

Because when you wash your car, you're in and out of the car.

You can check your condition carefully, check it at the time of purchase.

Poor blemishes, scratches, etc. and contamination.

And if we're going to check the details, we're going to have to

Even if you're planning your own in-vehicle surgical care,

It's also easy to clean the inside of the engine room.

not yet identified in the purchase process.

We can also check if there is a fault with the oil or the oil.

Well, they say you should consider this part.

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