Please send me a working holiday for the last time in my life.
He majored in clothing and built his career in a famous fashion company after graduating from college.The company you are employed in the United States is a large fashion company located in Los Angeles, western California.The American Turn Employment Position is the production part.​He had experience in production in Korea, and he wanted to get […]

He majored in clothing and built his career in a famous fashion company after graduating from college.

The company you are employed in the United States is a large fashion company located in Los Angeles, western California.

The American Turn Employment Position is the production part.

He had experience in production in Korea, and he wanted to get a job in production.

I've been working in the U.S. according to my experience and my wishes.

If it wasn't for Corona, you would have started working in the U.S. in May of this year because of the temporary suspension of embassy visa interviews.

I've had a pretty long wait.ㅜㅜ

Mr. Oh's applicants didn't have green papers, but I was a little worried because there were quite a lot of green papers in other agencies.

I'm afraid I'll have another time to wait after getting the green paper.


Visa approved at once!!

- Why are you going to America?

Are you a student?

When did you graduate?

- bachelor's degree 야?

What's your school name?

- What did you do after school?

What was your job?

What's your plan after you get back?

- You have experience. Why are you going to America again?

- How does that help you?

There were a lot of questions, but it ended quickly because there were no people.

Your internship in the U.S. will start on January 11th next year and you are scheduled to leave on January 6th.

I'd like to say again that you've done a great job since the waiting time must have been tough.

I'm so happy to end this well.

I wish and always support you to have a fruitful and valuable time in the United States!

Congratulations once again to everyone who passed the U.S. visa interview recently.

And for those who are about to have a visa interview, I hope you get the visa approved at once and I will do my best to support you until the end.

I'm always truly grateful to everyone who is with Mr. Oh.

I won't forget your trust and trust!



When I'm having a hard time, I wonder if it's the outside factors that really make me feel uncomfortable.

Or I'll need spring to see if it's inside of me.

They say the most intense battle in the world is against myself.

And isn't it me who will really fight and win?

Life can't be done as I thought, but I can finally win in the fight against myself.

One day while studying for an exam, I thought like this.

"I wish I could go on a working holiday just one more time before I get a job."

Why do I have to think about this during the exam period and make my mind complicated?

Eventually, I put my back on studying for the exam and started to look for working holiday information.

At first, I thought I'd go back to Ireland.

on second thought

The good thing about Ireland is... The only thing I could do was to travel to Europe.

Of course, it would be nice to meet you because you have some friends in Ireland.

To be honest with you, Ireland is so boring.

There's no place to work, and the weather's always either rainy or cloudy, which makes me depressed.

So I was thinking about where to go, and 마사지 구인구직 I thought that Australia Walking Holiday is the most normal and most people go there.

I made the decision, 'Let's go to Australia for a working holiday!'

But I didn't choose the country without any plans.

The country was decided for many reasons.

1. Very easy to get a visa

Other countries are required to get a visa on a first-come, first-served basis, or only if they have an English grade.

However, I heard that Australia is a visa if you give me money.

So you're done talking, aren't you?

2. You don't need to go to a language school.

I'm going to a working holiday, so I don't have to pay for the language school.

How much money has been spent on language schools in Ireland?

3. The weather is better than Ireland!

Most important! No matter how cold it is, it will be colder than Ireland?

Even if it rains, will it rain more than Ireland?

4. The hourly wage is higher than that of Ireland and prices are cheaper than in Ireland.

Australia's hourly wage was generally higher than that of Ireland.

House prices and prices were much cheaper than in Ireland.

I lived in an apartment with eight people, but I broke half a million won a month.

Australia costs about 500,000 won a month for a much better house and much better quality.

For these reasons,

I decided to have a working holiday in Australia, not Ireland!

The city has already decided where to go.

Sydney excluded the price because it was too expensive and there were so many Koreans.

We're going to go to one of the three places left, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

Brisbane and Perth do not have that many Koreans, but they are very bored.

Instead, the weather in Brisbane is good all year round, so I'm craving for it.

At present, the mind leans toward Melbourne.

There are a lot of Koreans, but there are just enough jobs.

There's a variety of activities.

There is a disadvantage that the weather is bad, but...

But I prefer places where I can go out and play rather than being bored!

Maybe I will go to Brisbane if I get to go.

In addition, when I go to Australia, I have to work on a farm for three to four months to do a non-natural farm called Second Visa.

I won't have to work on the farm because I'll be back in just a year.

Now I'm going to work at one of three McDonald's, cafe, and bartender.

Of course, all three of them have no experience, but I think they are attractive part-time jobs.

Because I will graduate in February 2022.

I'm planning to go in March 2022.

During the preparation period of 1 year and 3 months, I got a barista certificate and an assistant engineer.

Champagne, wine, whiskey, cocktail and vodka will be memorized at random.

It would be fun just to think about it.

But... going to a working holiday is not yet confirmed.

First of all, the most important corona...

I don't know when I'll be able to get a visa for the Corona, but...

I hope this annoying dirty virus will disappear 꿀알바 from the world.


You have to get a job where you wait for more than a year...

Or where we can put it back...

Currently, I'm looking for a place with quite a long wait among hospitals.

Or you should go somewhere where you can put off your waiting number.

Please send me a working holiday for the last time in my life.

Please help me make this plan come true.

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