Same indoor date in Daejeon every day
Yuchon-dong 24:00 Massage Daejeon Indoor DateIt's a great place to be, so I'd like to introduce you to:​It's hard to go anywhere these days.It's normal to go to a cafe after eating.There's not much to play with.You know, if you go on a date with this healing course,It was really nice!I'll attach the map.Address: 102nd […]

Yuchon-dong 24:00 Massage Daejeon Indoor Date

It's a great place to be, so I'd like to introduce you to:

It's hard to go anywhere these days.

It's normal to go to a cafe after eating.

There's not much to play with.

You know, if you go on a date with this healing course,

It was really nice!

I'll attach the map.

Address: 102nd floor, 86th Yuchun-ro, Jung-gu, Daejeon

There's a supermarket on the first floor, on the side.

There's a staircase, there's a neat interior.

It's a big place. As soon as I walked in,

I can feel the brightness.

Thanks to the white interior,

I feel like I'm on a date in Daejeon.

You can get a 24-hour massage in 대전 마사지 Yuchon-dong!

I felt like it was really clean.

Friends, parents, lovers, and so on.

Comfortable and properly massaged

It was where it was.

Drinks are free and various world snacks are also available.

It was great to have fun.

Especially for pre-payment membership.

You can get a 20% discount.

If you live near Yuchun-dong or visit frequently,

I think it's okay to get a prepaid ticket!

The price of dry tie massage and aroma are different.

Please refer to the menu.~

The basic Thai price is cheap.

There's no more pressure because it's on sale during the week.

It's a better place to have a 24-hour spa.

There are various rooms, single rooms, double rooms, VIP rooms, etc.

When I got there, it was full.

I can't take pictures. I can't take pictures.

I took a picture of a couple room.

It's just the two of you who can get a comfortable massage.

It's perfect for an indoor date place in Daejeon, right?

For those of you who are receiving aromas,

There's a shower in the room.

It's more comfortable.


24 o'clock in Yuchun-dong, the towel on the massage bed

I'd like to thank you for taking care of me.

I changed into a Thai massage suit.

There is a locker, so it's convenient to store clothes.

Change your clothes and go to the foot spa first!

The golden handkerchief looks very luxurious here, too.~

Soak your feet in warm water.

It really relieved me of my fatigue.

You all know how it feels to be melting, right?

He released the Aromasalt.

fresher and softer

I was able to relieve my fatigue.

After about 5 to 10 minutes,

A Thai massage parlor came in.

Please wipe it with a towel!

After that, I'm going to have a good indoor date in Daejeon.

And then try to move to hilling~

I feel like I'm lying down in a warm room and getting a massage!

calf thighs and hips from the tip of the foot

From waist to shoulder to head.

They're massaging me one by one.

I don't know how cool it is.

Isn't this kind of date really worth it?

We'll visit together, but each of us will be comfortable.

I really want to recommend it because I can enjoy it.

As soon as I got the massage,

I thought he was really good.

Yoochun-dong 24:00 Massage Master!

It's so cool and you let it go.

Next time I visit, I'll get it again.

I even wrote my name down.

I feel good because my whole body is cool.

It's healing not only for the body but also for the mind.

I had a better time.

On your eighth visit, you'll get a 50% discount.

I've got a coupon I can get.

I can't help but be a regular customer.

Same indoor date in Daejeon every day

If you're bored, at the 24-hour massage in Yuchun-dong,

Make sure you get some healing.~

You'll be happy with this date!

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