In case his reputation falls, he sends Myung-hee as a substitute.
From the very beginning of Webhard, the term "professor"…I came out and I thought, "What do you mean?"To kiss the power and to the power.In a working scholarly conscience or position,It means a person who does things that don't fit.​Before you look at the webhard, you'll understand.It might help.​​Gwangju in 1980.​​​One hospital told a thug.He's […]

From the very beginning of Webhard, the term "professor"…
I came out and I thought, "What do you mean?"
To kiss the power and to the power.
In a working scholarly conscience or position,
It means a person who does things that don't fit.

Before you look at the webhard, you'll understand.
It might help.

Gwangju in 1980.

One hospital told a thug.
He's being held by the collar and overpowered.
Myeong-hee, the warrior of the white robe, said that the bully was a man.
No matter how hard you touch it, you never lose.

I'm a medical student, but I'm a college student.Je
A more interested and playful student.
Hee-tae is a terminally ill Koma patient.
To take Jang Sung-chul home.
Go to the head of the hospital where Myung-hee works.
Ask for permission to transfer.

The director got it. The money first.
Tell them to bring it.
I was talking to the director.
Hee Tae saw Myung Hee who came in by the collar.

Who is she?

Myung-hee has a best friend training.
She's the daughter of Yuji in Gwangju.
It's called Joan of Arc, Department of Law at Chonnam National University.
I am participating in the student movement.

Myoung-hee, who went to help me train,
It's been a while since I met Su-chan, Su-yeon's brother.

The three of them have not spoken to each other in a long time.
Su-chan takes Myung-hee home.
If you need anything to prepare for studying abroad,
I leave a message to contact you.

Myung-hee dreams of escaping Korea.

Hee-tae, a medical student, went to an activist group.
I watch training and do tikitaka for a while.

Poor Myung-hee has a chance to study in Germany.
But the price of plane tickets is very high.

It's similar to these days.
Considering it's the '80s.
At present, 300 is likely to be easy.

Myung-hee, who doesn't have money but wants to study abroad,
Call me if you need help.
I recall what Su-chan said.

Hee-tae's dad is a security guard.
I'm the chief of the anti-aircraft investigation department.
I don't care about water or fire.
Even if it's a family,

Of course, I don't get along with Hee-tae.
Hee-tae, who needs money,
Asking my dad to lend me money.
He says he'll do whatever he asks.


A man who wants to sell his son and pursue his career.
Just in time, Lee Chang-geun's daughter,
He was caught exercising, and I've been caught.

This is the excuse of his son.
I propose a confrontation of training.

He's such a fox in his heart.
I don't hear it, but I don't know what else to do.
Chang-geun ordered the training to stand up to him.
The training I want to free my friends I've been caught with.
I tell my dad I'll do anything.

Hee-tae, who has to do everything.
We're gonna have to face each other.

She's the chief of security's son.
If anyone sees you face off,
I'm afraid he'll lose his reputation.
Myung-hee will be sent out as a substitute.

Myunghui's flight ticket to study abroad.
On condition of juju.

Hee-tae, who was going to see the line, was on the street.
I'm witnessing a child's car accident.

He's the head of medical school, but he's doing first aid.
Hee Tae can't even run.
There is some trauma in the past.

Then Myung-hee runs to me.
I'm gonna give her first aid.

What's the production?
Myunghui with goddess filter.

I don't know if that's what he looked like.

I don't know if that's 웹하드 사이트 impressive.
I'm sitting in a coffee shop.
Hee-tae, who thinks hard about who he is.

It's her!
A nurse who stood tall against a gangster in a hospital.

But she's right in front of you.

I think I'm in love.

What's going on here?

Hee-tae smiles at him.
Young strange Myung-hee

That's how the first episode ends.

Not interested in student sports.
How can two people be in the vortex of history?
It's May's youth, wondering if he'll fall for it.

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